Antislip Double Dog Bowl


These pet feeder bowls are made of high-quality stainless steel with no-skid and spill resistance silicone mat, designed perfectly designed for puppies, small dogs, cats, or kittens, medium dogs.

The mat is shaped like a bone and made of silicone so super easy to clean and contains any splashes or water droplets.

The stainless steel dog food bowls replace hard plastic sets and never got stained over time. The dry dog food and biscuits when dropped in the stay in the feeding cup and don’t bounce out as happened with the plastic. Metal is also much easier to clean and keep clean. Besides, this pet food water bowl set can serve two dogs or cats at the same time, even the naughty eater will not fight for enough food, relieving you from cleaning messy floors every day.



If you have a free eater who loves to dip his paw in his water and knock the bowl around, spilling water while drinking and drop food while eating every time. The combination of the depth of these pet food water bowls, and the silicone tray, makes it much more difficult to get the whole thing moving enough to spill. The mat has a “lip” on it so that any water or food that may spill from the bowls due to puppy exuberance is still contained on the mat. You will be surprised there is zero water and food on the floor. In sum, a good solution for a cat who likes to play in/with water.


The silicon goes up to the lid of the bowls and the bowls stay put in the middle. The mat grips the floor without melting to the floor and sticking to it. you won’t have a sliding issue even once. The bowls sit snuggly in their molded spot on the mat. They are easy to lift out, but the design is such that it would be difficult for a pet to lift or dig them out, your dog has no issue with constantly tripping over the dog bowls, and bowls are pushed all over the kitchen. Kicking a bowl and having it go skidding across the floor and spilling kibble, wet, rice etc.


Multipurpose & Practical

The stainless steel pet bowls and silicone stand are fantastic, lightweight, and hold the perfect amount of food and water for your pets. Double bowls design ensures that your pets always have fresh, clean, cold water and at least a cup of dry dog food in their dishes. The dishes are stackable and the stand folds on itself and all fit comfortably in the dogs’ travel bag. In addition, you can choose one to use at home and one for traveling.

Easy-to-clean & Dishwasher-safe

Our dog cat food bowls are good quality material. The metal is shiny and cleans well, keeping everything looking nice and sanitary. It can be quickly rinsed or wiped clean after each use. The silicone mat is easy to bend and fold in the way you like, waterproof. Simply rinse in the sink with soapy water, wipe with a cloth. Both bowl and mat are 100% dishwasher safe, so just put them in the dishwasher when doing the daily dishes, ensuring your pets have a clean and sanitary eating spot and you are not scrubbing to make it happen.


Antislip Double Dog Bowl