Automatic Pet Feeders with Voice Record


Detachable design

Cepheus automatic pet feeder is easy to assemble/disassemble and clean. Please do not clean the robot mainframe to avoid failure.

Smart control panel

Using this automatic cat and dog feeder, you can set 1-20 small portions for a meal, each is about 5g, and the maximum can be set to 20 grids. You can set the feeding amount of 5g~100g per meal.

Dual charging method

The package includes a power cord and cord (1.5 ft). Food can be supplied on time even if the power is off. Only 3 batteries are needed. This cat and dog robot automatic feeder makes you more at ease.


Customizable recording function

This automatic cat feeder supports a 10-second custom recording, which is automatically played when food is distributed. Call pets to eat, so you can travel with ease.

4 cups automated feedings

This automatic dog feeder schedules up to 4 cups of automated feedings per day by built-in programmable timer and control food portions (1 – 39 portions), About 10 g (about 1 / 10 cup = 2 tbsp) for 1 portion.

Infrared detection

This automatic cat feeder has an infrared detection function and automatically distributes food. It will not allow cat food or dog food to overflow the stainless steel bowl or get stuck.


Are you worried about your pet being hungry when working overtime? Do you want to sleep peacefully on the weekend? Will someone take care of your pet if you are on a business trip? Now, TTPet automatic pet feeder will help you. No matter where you are, it can feed your pet as scheduled. No need to worry anymore!


Automatic Pet Feeders with Voice Record