Puzzle Toy

It’s a Monday evening and you just got home from work. You know it is time to prepare dinner for yourself, as well as for your dog. You pull out their dog bowl and the food you are going to serve her. Your dog begins squirming with excitement and wagging her tail. You pour her meal into her bowl and mix it up, putting it down at her feet. Soon enough, she is occupied at a fast rate, eating her food. Minutes later, it is gone. She looks at you and you look at her, wondering how it went so quickly. Dogs tend to eat their food quickly and understanding why can help us better take care of them.



Durable, safe and easy to clean

This puppy treatment dispensing toy is made of non-toxic, durable PVC material. It is easy to clean with soap in cold water by hand, and then it will be dried naturally after thorough washing. This toy is resistant to tearing and aging and is very strong enough to tolerate your dog’s usual energy.




Make your dog smarter and healthier

Use this puzzle toy to improve your dog’s thinking and decision-making abilities. It can help your dog think and make the right decisions, thus improving their IQ and cognitive abilities. The dog’s slow treatment of exercise training can help prevent its physical diseases, such as abdominal distension and diarrhea caused by a fast diet.

Puzzle Toy